Tuesday, June 16, 2009

antique mecca: adamstown, pa

brendan, i and company went to adamstown, pa this past weekend and although i warned him of buying useless crap for our house, i ended up with a tin dice box, michael jordan puppet and two gigantic wooden sock dryers. ha!

lot of porcelein hands (almost got one but there was a creepiness factor..)

this is kind of tease - elation to slow disappointment

i couldn't stop playing around and laughing with this so i brought mike home with me. S-C-O-R-E!

parking lot of black angus market

there was definitely a point in the day where our minds were being overly stimulated and we could no longer look at items in their collective state because it was making us feel dizzy..

for $912 you can buy this plane OR ride in one, several times...

scenes like this amish buggy passing by on reading road reminded me, "oh yeah, i live in pennsylvania..."

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