Saturday, February 6, 2010

we were known as "the couple who almost didn't arrive"

our first trip to costa rica, brendan finds out his passport is too close to the expiration date upon departure. this led to a mad dash of caffeine induced driving back and forth from phila to newark, running around, frantic phone calls, costly fines, staring contests and a moment where i almost punched someone in the face.

costa rica, a beautiful relief from the philly freeze, we anticipated the pacific coast after what was supposed to a 4.5 hour bus drive to the ferry took about 9 hours. found out afterwards, we could have taken another 45 minute flight instead.

alas, we arrive, jumped into the ocean splashing ourselves with water like idiots. totally jetlagged and delirious, we don't go past our third drink out of about ten that were handed to us at the wedding. beautiful people, brilliant food, a million hermit crabs and then bon jovi - needless to say, our night ended with us having fallen asleep on a log by the bonfire.

refreshed and awake, the next morning we had our first cup of coffee, ate fresh fruit and spent the rest of our day at the beach where brendan "surfed". i finished reading the new murakami book and severely burned my back - totally neglected any lotion thinking my ethnicity would save me (huge mistake)

the remainder of the trip consisted of poolside lunches, sunset walks along the beach, riding bikes to a private lagoon, fresh coconuts, the tastiest ceviche and grilled calamari, undisclosed vandalism to a neighboring hotel room and a promise to ourselves that we would come back again.

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