Thursday, May 19, 2011

famous in LA

it's a long story.
i can just tell you in person so you can laugh in my face and then proceed to lose complete respect for my photoshop skills...
or you can just go to LA MOCA to find a flyer i made for my bike that was stolen two years ago.

whoever ripped off the last remaining numbers, please don't call me unless you have my bike or unless you're the real amy sedaris. btw, that last caller who wanted $1,000 for the return of my bike, you should've known the current value of a bianchi fixed gear bike, b/c it's not $1,000. also, you take street art way too seriously, sorry!

i apologize to the commenter in regards to the flyer next to mine in the photo (blacked out number) - i completely understand your frustration as i went through this and apparently continue to do so despite the efforts of LA MOCA. Anyone else receiving annoying phone calls as a result of this installation should email donielle at

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